How To Book A Yacht in Dubai

Easy Yacht Booking Tips in Dubai

Yacht rental is a popular tourist activity in Dubai, providing travelers with a luxurious experience to explore the city's coastline and cherish special moments aboard the yacht. Follow these hassle-free steps to ensure the best yacht experience in Dubai:

1. Get the Best Price by Filling Out the Form:


Yacht charter: easy and fun

Be accurate and sure

- Choose the date, time, and number of hours for the yacht booking.
- Specify the number of people, as the yacht's capacity varies based on its size.

Yacht Trip Route

The yacht trip's route in Dubai depends on sea conditions, but rest assured, we'll take you to witness the unique views of Dubai Marina.

Ensure the Yacht's Location

Arriving at the yacht's location before the scheduled time is crucial to avoid delays and make the most of your trip.

Complimentary Offerings with the Yach

Enjoy complimentary water, soft drinks, sound systems, safety equipment, a trained and licensed crew, and fuel on all our yachts.

Yacht Parties Experience

Our expertise lies in organizing captivating yacht parties, adorned with balloons, scattered flowers, candles, and other charming details.

Choose the Right Yacht Type

Instead of focusing solely on the lowest price, consider renting the yacht that best suits your needs. We offer excursion boats, small yachts, and a wide range of luxurious options.

Jet Car Experience

Experience the thrill of jet Car during the trip, ensuring your yacht reservation is for a minimum of three hours for a fun and comfortable time.

Dine on the Yacht

Savor delicious meals tailored to your taste at the best prices while onboard the yacht.

Fishing Experience

We offer several fishing equipment and fresh bait for free on certain yachts, and you can also book a fishing boat separately.

Parasailing Experienc

Please note that parasailing in Dubai cannot be arranged during the yacht trip, and private parasailing boats are not available for booking.

Jet Ski Delivery

For reservations of three hours or more, we can deliver the jet ski during the trip for added excitement.

No Waiting Required

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